We have a tendency to overdo things based on spurious reasoning.  Examples:

  • “I had a really light breakfast, and hardly any lunch, so this enormous plate of midnight nachos washed down with a half-gallon flagon of ale seems a reasonable daily intake.”
  • “I stretched pretty well during the warm-up; I see no reason why I can’t mirror the activities of the professional athletes who delighted me on SportsCenter last night.”  It’s only in the E.R. while explaining our antics to a puzzled orthopedic surgeon that we see things more prudently.
  • “I think I have a pretty good base tan; I’ll stay out on the beach from dawn to dusk in only a doily covered with Coppertone (the brown bottle).”

While meals and sports and sunshine are all necessary for life, even the best metabolism, athlete, and/or epidermis has limits. Even Stephen Curry doesn’t usually shoot from behind the half-court line. While the basketball court is a place to expend energy, not conserve it, even the youthful Harrison Barnes doesn’t do aerobics during the team’s timeouts.

So, the solar life. A person may become accustomed to reducing their electricity usage to the point of painful because the utility company is so greedy. Installing a solar system relieves that pain, because energy is produced in far less expensive fashion, permitting us to enjoy modern electrical marvels without undue constraint.

One caution: Going solar doesn’t necessarily mean you should leave the hot tub jets running overnight with the refrigerator door open while bathing the vacant lot behind your home in floodlights suitable to play baseball under at 3 am. Enormous, needless drains on electricity are just that: drains. Unless it’s bath water, usually when we speak of things going down the drain, there’s a negative connotation of loss. So don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The Solar Company designs a system for one’s home based on one’s projected electricity usage and then some. But if one fails to mention the fleet of Teslas and the well-lit, super-heated in-ground Olympic-sized swimming pool for the dozen kids with their own appliances one is planning to obtain, it’s feasible that one’s solar system might not produce electricity equal to one’s voltage gluttony.

What lifestyle are you planning on? Reasonably accurate projections = accurately-sized systems = pleasantly surprising-sized utility bills. Like zero, or even a credit. And we would love to give you some credit.