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Hot Autumn Temperatures

It's mid-October and we still have record-breaking temperatures all around California. With all of this unseasonably warm weather (lovingly referred to natives as "earthquake weather"), quite a few of our customers have reported that they're still running their air conditioners regularly, using way more electricity than they would be expecting this late in the year. So [...]

Ever Heard of Solar Powered Bicycles?

Solar panels aren’t just sported on 4 wheeled electric vehicles. Even the two-wheelers are getting their share of solar panel technology as well. If solar roads among other projects can be given an opportunity for development and fun experiments, then why not bicycles? To my surprise, there are already several different solar bike prototypes, projects, [...]

SunPower Monitoring System Version 2.1

We are pleased to announce that The Solar Company will be unveiling the new SunPower Monitoring System Version 2.1. Monitoring your energy production and savings has never been so simple! Previously, the outdated form of monitoring a solar power system required additional hardware installed in the home, with added effort required for set up and [...]