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Top 11 Flying Solar Panels

Solar is taking flights all over the world. Solar-crafted planes have certainly been making news the last decade or two and, at present, the news keeps on coming. Although it’ll probably be awhile longer before solar powered airplanes may possibly be available commercially, the ideas, innovations, and continual trial and errors from research and development [...]

Can Airplane Flight Be Solar Powered?

Can solar planes really soar the sky? Indeed! The idea of aircraft flight has been researched, tested, and launched throughout the years. Whether they will ever replace conventional airplanes is questionable; however, the mere proof that airplanes can remain functional in the air for over 20 hours is enough to promote continued innovation in energy-efficient [...]

Can A Magnifying Glass On Solar Panels Produce More Energy?

  Are there additional ways to increase the amount of energy drawn from solar panels? Many people who own solar panels on their homes tend to want to find ways to increase and maximize their potential of converting more sunlight into energy. One of the questions I came across was stated as followed: “Could you [...]

Ever Heard of Solar Powered Bicycles?

Solar panels aren’t just sported on 4 wheeled electric vehicles. Even the two-wheelers are getting their share of solar panel technology as well. If solar roads among other projects can be given an opportunity for development and fun experiments, then why not bicycles? To my surprise, there are already several different solar bike prototypes, projects, [...]