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Inquiring Into Solar Financing Options?

If you are a homeowner considering solar energy to greatly reduce or eliminate your electric bill, you may want to consider different options for financing a solar panel system. All day long I speak with customers who ask what options we have for solar financing. There are two main options at The Solar Company for financing [...]

Purchasing Or Leasing a Solar Panel System

When installing solar panels, there are two different options to choose from: Either purchase a system or lease it. Currently, you can do either for no money down and low payments. But there are different pros and cons to each choice that every homeowner should consider when trying to decide which route to take. Here [...]

Should I Buy Or Lease My Solar PV System?

Several companies are offering leases on solar PV systems these days. The deal goes something like this: they install a system on your roof, promise to maintain the system, and charge you a fairly low lease rate that increases by roughly 4% per year for the next 15 years. You get all the energy the system [...]