Why are we still calling solar “alternative energy”? It’s obvious from the numbers in the newest U.S. Solar Market Insight: 1st Quarter 2013 that times, they are a changin’.

The report’s biggest news: Nearly half of all new electric capacity installed in the US between the first 3 months was solar. That’s right – solar. A whopping 723MW of it.

A record number of residential PV was installed, 53% over the same time period last year and 11% over Q4 2012. California continues to be a heavy player with 408 residential installations, up 39% over Q4 2012, even with CSI rebates ending. New Jersey came in second with 76, and Hawaii with 44.

“The United States now has more than 8,500 MW of cumulative installed solar electric capacity, enough to power more than 1.3 million American households,” comments SEIA president and CEO, Rhone Resch.

He further stated, ”This sustained growth is enabling the solar industry to create thousands of good American jobs and to provide clean, affordable energy for more families, businesses, utilities, and the military than ever before. This growth simply would not have occurred without consistent, long-term policies that have helped to ensure a stable business environment for our nation’s 5,600 solar companies – many of them small businesses.”

Solar is not only giving consumers the ability to take control of their electric spending, it’s also creating jobs and encouraging growth in an industry that is setting environmentally responsible standards.

It’s about time everyone got on board the solar train, as it definitely does not show any signs of slowing!




SEIA – download the report summary here