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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about solar:

How do solar panels work?
Solar panels capture the sun’s energy as it shines down on them; the energy is then converted to useable electricity for your home. <Read more>

What size solar power system do I need?
It depends on how much electricity you use. No two homes or businesses are exactly alike so every system is custom-designed. <Read more>

How much does solar power cost?
Solar prices have become more affordable than ever. We can install a system for little to no money down and get you on the road to saving money every month on your electric bill. <Read more>

What kind of maintenance do solar panels require?
Since solar panels have no moving parts, they require very little maintenance. You just need to periodically make sure they don’t get too cluttered with dirt and debris. <Read more>

Can solar panels work at night?
Solar panels produce electricity when the sun is out during the day and rest at night. But you’ll still get all of the electricity you need to power your appliances since you’re connected to the electric grid through a process called net-metering. <Read more>

Do clouds affect solar panels?
Clouds do affect how much electricity is produced but they’re not always a bad thing. Panels can still produce electricity. <Read more>


Additional questions:


The Benefits of Solar Power

Switching to Solar Is Easy!

The Solar Company is a turn-key solution. That means we take care of everything and it’s all done in-house, so we can guarantee your satisfaction. If you have any questions about switching to solar, contact us. Our highly-trained consultants are available to speak with you and discuss the best solution for your home.

Solar Power Is Affordable

By reducing or eliminating a bill you already pay, finding money for solar is easy. Many of our customers choose to finance a system. The new solar loan payment is fixed, unlike rising utility rates (PG&E’s rates have been rising 6.5% each year for the past 25 yrs.), and is usually cheaper than what you were paying to the utility company. This means you can save money. More than 90 percent of our customers have a positive day-one cash flow. You can’t afford not to go solar!

Solar Energy