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Who Uses Solar Power? 1 Comment More »

Who Uses Solar Power?

No matter how old you are or where you live, everyone uses electricity. And chances are you’re already using solar power in some aspect of your life. Calculators, cell phone chargers – the uses for solar power are endless. But are you using solar power all…

Solar Production During Winter Leave a comment More »

Solar Production During Winter

February was a busy month for solar! We don’t usually have as much sun as we’ve been having this far into winter – but due to the drought, it’s meant drier weather for more installations. And it’s not just California solar that’s been growing like…

Adding Solar Panels to an Existing System 4 Comments More »

Adding Solar Panels to an Existing System

We are asked fairly often: Can I add more panels to my system down the road? How difficult is it to upgrade? There are many factors to consider in upgrading a system. Panel size, inverter capacity, and space are going to be the biggest deciders.…

Solar in 2014 1 Comment More »

Solar in 2014

As 2014 begins, many predictions are being made on a host of interesting topics – who’s getting married? What will be the new breakthrough inventions? Who’s getting added to the Celebrity Death Watch list? Morbid, yes, but it illustrates an important point: people want to…

Solar Panels on the Moon? Leave a comment More »

Solar Panels on the Moon?

Over 70 years ago, Isaac Asimov wrote a short story entitled Reason in which a space station outfitted with solar collectors beamed energy through microwaves to various planets. Perhaps this story is the inspiration behind a proposal for a new project by a Japanese construction firm to…

Switch to Solar Leave a comment More »

Switch to Solar

If you’re loving the benefits of owning your own solar power system, you’ll definitely want to share the solar message with your friends, family, and neighbors. Here’s a short article to share with people that answers a few basic questions: So, you’re thinking about switching…

The Solar Company Expands to Tracy Leave a comment More »

The Solar Company Expands to Tracy

We’ve got some exciting news! Take a peek at the details in the press release from The San Joaquin Partnership below: Tracy, CA – The Solar Company, a family-owned and operated solar panel installation company that’s gained popularity as the official solar provider for The Golden…

How to Talk to Your Friends About Solar Leave a comment More »

How to Talk to Your Friends About Solar

Solar misconceptions abound and we’ve heard them all: it’s too expensive, it’s not reliable, it only works in sunny areas, the technology isn’t good enough yet, etc. You know the true story though – and this is where you can help shed some light on…

Beat the Heat With Solar Power Leave a comment More »

Beat the Heat With Solar Power

If you live in Northern California, you’ve probably noticed that we are having a heat wave with record-breaking temperatures. It’s hot. Really hot. And Northern Californians are rumored to be notoriously wimpy in extreme heat or cold (it’s partially true, not gonna lie). Hot weather…

Solar Growth in 2013 Leave a comment More »

Solar Growth in 2013

Why are we still calling solar “alternative energy”? It’s obvious from the numbers in the newest U.S. Solar Market Insight: 1st Quarter 2013 that times, they are a changin’. The report’s biggest news: Nearly half of all new electric capacity installed in the US between…

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