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Pick the perfect backpack

Lugging books around the campus is a big part of any typical school day (or hike!) The best backpacks are designed to make sure there’s enough support so that there’s a lot less pain and strain. So what exactly should you look for in a…

What Questions Should You Ask Before Installing Solar Panels? 1 Comment More »

What Questions Should You Ask Before Installing Solar Panels?

Before you decide to get a quote for solar panels, there are some important questions you should ask any company you are considering hiring. Think of it as an interview – after all, they will be working on your home, so get to know what…

Do I Need Batteries for My Solar Panel System? 2 Comments More »

Do I Need Batteries for My Solar Panel System?

Contributed by Lee Stillwater Whether or not you’re following the world’s first solar powered airplane trip around the world, you would likely agree that it’s impressive for two guys to circumvent the globe in what amounts to a flying phone booth without a drop of…

How does solar help the environment? Leave a comment More »

How does solar help the environment?

When fossil fuels are burned for power, toxic gases are released into the air. Those toxic gases build up as pollution (yuk!) and contribute to climate changes such as global warming. Also, some fuels such as coal and oil require mining, drilling, and fracking, which…

Birds and Solar Panels 7 Comments More »

Birds and Solar Panels

Birds poop; it’s a proven fact. And they are not too picky about where they do it either. In fact, this is how Gary Larson thinks birds see the world: Cynical, yes – but how else to explain those strategically-placed bird droppings on your freshly-washed…

Baseball Season and Solar Power 2 Comments More »

Baseball Season and Solar Power

Contributed by Lee Stilwater Ring Around the Posey Buster, that is. His fourth finger, that is. This year, that is.  Yes, the San Francisco Giants began play/work Monday morning in Milwaukee with perennial all-star Buster Posey behind the plate for his 8th season. And he’s…

How Solar Saves Money Leave a comment More »

How Solar Saves Money

Solar is not just a phase – it’s an aggressively growing alternative as more and more people realize that they can save money every month by using solar panels. Save money and do something good for the planet? Where do I sign up?! How it…

Spring Planting and Compost 1 Comment More »

Spring Planting and Compost

We’ve had a nice bit of rainfall lately but it’s starting to get nice and warm as spring gets closer. And with all that sunshine and rain, flowers and new plants are popping up all over the place – which means it’s time to get the gardens going.…

PG&E Rate Schedule Changes Leave a comment More »

PG&E Rate Schedule Changes

PG&E will be changing their residential rates at the end of the month. This may affect you if you are currently a solar customer or plan to switch to solar in the near future. Currently, there are rate schedules available that work well with solar…

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Download Residential Energy Credits 2015 Form 5695

IRS Form 5695 for Residential Energy Credits 2015 is now available for those who are looking to claim energy credits on their 2015 taxes. You are eligible to apply for this credit if you purchased and installed a solar power system on your home during…

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